July today

“…How can it be? 3 weeks since I touched down back in Adelaide!”

It seems like I’ve been on an extended holiday – I guess we’ve just came off of 2 weeks school holidays  …backtrack to Sunday 24th June when I flew to Las Vegas to attend the North American Close To My Heart Convention. So much excitement surrounds each convention and this one was to be no exception. I met up with my long, long time friend Kylie who, I met over 20 years ago. We were crazy into stamping and cardmaking way back then and we made a pact that one day we would go to America to check out a stamp company and all these years later we did it! We had a great time with all things
Close To My Heart, Ubers, Las Vegas shows and more.

Vegas Pool

Vegas was HOT! It was over 40 degrees the week I was there and coming in early was a VERY good ideas as I spent quality time by the pool – seriously, I wish you could feel the heat in this photo! The convention was held out at Red Rock Casino Spa Resort. There was so much to do around the grounds but the pool was the place to be (and the shops across the way) …did I tell you I LOVE shopping at Macy’s?

Vegas Show

Kylie and her husband Scott invited me to come along to a show in Vegas. We saw Human Nature, the boys from Australia. The show was fabulous and so much fun with their old ‘boy band’ songs and some great Motown songs. We had a blast. We spent the rest of the night walking up the ‘strip’ and looking around, there’s so many things to see and of course there are some things I can not share with you ’cause, you know what they say, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’!!

Vegas Uber

BEST Uber trip EVER!! One day we jumped in our uber and for our amusement, there was a whole lot of Vegas photo props, OMGOSH, we laughed so hard trying to take selfies. We didn’t see any of the sights but, got some seriously, FUN  snaps!

Vegas Leaders Registration

We started our convention with Leaders Day, it was SO exciting to catch up with old friends, meet new friends and immerse ourselves in the fabulous Leaders training on offer for this whole day event.

Convention started and was the most EXCITING day I have ever been to with
Close To My Heart. There was an AWESOME group of girls from Australia and
New Zealand and how special, we had reserved seating! I made over 150 of these bookmarks to share with girls at Convention, it was a great way of
meeting new crafty peeps. I love this photo of Maddy and me. It shows happiness.
We were SO excited to be there!!

I look forward to sharing more adventures from my trip.

See you soon.

Jacquie x


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