Love Letters

Spruce Up Your Décor with These Beautiful Papercrafted Monograms.


For National Papercrafting Month, Close To My Heart designed a set of beautiful papercrafted monograms. Each letter comes as part of a kit containing the sturdy chipboard letter base, rose gold accents, die-cut floral embellishments, and letter stickers for customising your final artwork. These versatile letters can also be used together to spell out a whole name or word, this was a whole lot of fun creating this for Miss Lily.

Please note: these Love Letters are only available this month till 31st January, 2018.

As an extra bonus if you buy five different letters you can choose a sixth kit FREE!


This new home decor will look gorgeous in your home, AND, you’ll have many flowers left over to use to create more beautiful pieces of artwork!


I created these cards, this layout and my first shadow box. Working with the remaining flowers and Rose Foil ABC lettering from my Love Letter kits.

A lot of love and fun went into creating my Love Letters – get yours soon as they are ONLY available till 31 January, 2018. You can see the entire alphabet in my on-line website

Happy ‘creating’ your favourite love letters. xxx

Jacquie xx


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