…we’ve been talking about Jackson!

I’ve had a whole lot of fun with our Jackson Paper, Jackson Complements, Jackson Picture My Life cards and male inspired stamp sets. These are a few of my favourite cards.

Jackson HB

The beginning of my affair with Jackson resulted in this masculine Jackson Happy Birthday card complete with Durable Triangle Studs.

Jackson Dream Big

I love this style of pocket card…Dream Big was the theme!

Jackson Dream Big Inside

The inside of Dream Big complete with message tags.

Jackson WS Happy Birthday

A super fun card, we made this Jackson inspired Happy Birthday card at my workshops.

Spiral Tall

A tall spiral card using our Dizzy Circles Stamp set (C1610) with Glacier Ink, Dessert Ink and Cocoa Ink.

Jackson Typewriter

Jackson “P.S Let’s Celebrate” card…fun at its best!

Jackson Star

This ‘star’ card was shared by my friend Bonnie, I love it and the embossed card makes the star stand out beautifully.

Jackson Foldover

Inspired from an idea straight out of Jeanette Lynton’s “Originals” Handcrafted Cards Made Easy book (9036) I love this card with it’s turned over edge, it’s so cool. With this card ideas book you’ll have all the inspiration to make that special card for that special person! I hope you’ve enjoyed my Jackson inspired cards.

See you soon for some more fabulous scrapbooking and card ideas.

Jacquie xx

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